Balance and alignment within the physical body, mental body, emotional body and energetic bodies is imperative to overall wellness. Your holistic wellness is the goal of Balance Integrated Wellness. There is no holy grail of balance. There is only the most aligned version of well being for you, on your path, right where you are in the now.

I’m here to educate and inspire you to shift your thoughts and beliefs towards more holistic wellness, and to learn to apply those principles to your every day lives. Whether that be your relationships, your choices, your body or your emotional landscape.

I’ve studied holistic wellness and energy medicine for about 11 years. Learning the language and logistics of energy and how it affects our lives, minds and bodies, inspired me to become a 6th degree Master level Usui Reiki practitioner and instructor. I was profoundly affected by my first Reiki therapy session, and wanted others to experience it, too.

Over the last eight years, I practice energy medicine therapies that are complementary to any physical wellness regimen by working with subtle energy bodies, while addressing and accounting for physical, mental and emotional states of being. I meet you where you are, and together we discover where you may be out of balance, in pain or unknowingly harboring stuck energy that is affecting your physical paradigm in the body, or externally in your life. We address that with Reiki, energy medicine, guidance and fundamental, universal truths of healing and wellness.


As of January, 2018, I will be taking a creative and life redesign sabbatical. I’m focusing on other work and my team’s pitching process for our reality show, Soul Tripping,  I will be available for some of my services for both Beary, Ink. and Balance Integrated Wellness, though at a limited,
case-by-case basis.

In gratitude to my clients, friends, family and anyone who has been a support to me, and part of my tribe, as I have endeavored to be to you, I thank you. Please hold prayerful space for this time of redesign and renewal.

Limited services per availability as follows:

Beary, Ink. Holistic Branding & Coaching

  • Clarity Call
  • Media Kits
  • Publicity/Media Relations
  • Professional Bio’s
  • Web Content Copywriting

Balance Integrated Wellness

  • Usui Reiki Therapy
  • Integrated Energy Therapy
  • Jade Infrared Biomat
  • House/Structure Clearing/Blessing
  • Customized Meditation
  • Pet Reiki


PS – please forgive my; 1) less than great quality video blogs. BIW is a baby and still growing, 2) rebrand and overhaul of Beary, Ink. who’s information is being housed here while business plans are being finessed, logos facelifted and new website(s) are created, 3) My occasional absence in blogging, social media-ing and the like while I do what all entrepreneurs must do – transform and change.