Beary, Ink.

Holistic Branding

 Your Brand Doesn’t Exist Without You

But you are bombarded by messaging from the ‘experts’ who say that in order to do it well, you need to share the message of your business through a pre-packaged formula for success.

Your entrepreneurial journey was born because you were on a mission to tell the world about you. And what you do. So that you could do more of it.

That wasn’t pre-packaged, now was it?

 Your message is getting lost in the funnels, strategies and ideas that are supposed to be your path to success. You’re achieving some of your goals, but every step feels like an uphill battle and you don’t have a compass or a roadmap.  

My promise to you is that it doesn’t have to be so hard, and it shouldn’t be.

I’m here to bring my greatest expertise and services to entrepreneurs, experts and small businesses who have a burning desire to have more impact in the world, but can’t figure out how to put the pieces together to design a new brand, uplevel an existing brand or to grow a business that feels more congruent and aligned with their greatest talents, passions and areas of expertise.

What if you could…

  • Craft and create a brand, content, messaging and strategy that aligns you with your best offerings and services AND your ideal clients and audience?
  • Hit the reset button on your existing brand by rebranding or upleveling it holistically and authentically so that your messaging hits your target and creates measurable movement in your business?
  • Have content, brand messaging a branding bible and a strategy that aligns you with your bigger picture of success?

Holistic branding is an enormous opportunity to show up and be on purpose every single day in your business and mission. Is your brand and your messaging on purpose? It is the difference between being a remarkable, talented expert or entrepreneur, and a remarkable, talented expert or entrepreneur that nobody knows about or cares about. Because your brand or your message is not reaching who it needs to reach and how it needs to reach them.

Let’s fix that.

Beary, Ink. Holistic Branding is for socially-responsible experts, entrepreneurs and small businesses who are newly launching their business, re-branding or have a need to solve the all-too-common dilemma of “Where are my clients?”

We help create and breathe new life into their brands with mindfully created content, high-level creative services, comprehensive, expert support and coaching, and on-point messaging that aligns with their values – and – effectively reaches and engages their most ideal audience. We have helped to create new brands, and creatively realign and strengthen existing brands, leading to measurable longevity and growth of their businesses and goals.
Mary Elizabeth Beary is founder Beary, Ink.

“Why choose Beary, Ink.?”

I define holistic branding as taking a look at the WHOLE by getting crystal clear on you, who you are, what you are doing, why you are doing it and for who.  People who are a really good fit for Beary, Ink. are those who are having trouble with an ineffective brand, messaging, content or communication techniques for social media and as a result, their target audiences are missing the message, or missing the boat completely. Also, people who feel stuck in their communications or content process including blogs, website content, social media strategies, advertising copy or techniques. And anyone who wants to start their business off with the most meaningful brand, communications strategy and content.

Beary, Ink. works well with people who are struggling to find more balance and alignment in delivering their true gifts and talents by helping them incorporate holistic branding and more meaningful messaging into what they’re doing. My services also work best for those who are ready to improve their results in business by learning to monetize their talents and experience and communicate that more meaningfully.

If these descriptions have resonated with you, then you are likely a really good fit for Beary, Ink.’s tribe of talent.   Get in touch.

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“The brand is the inner perpetual force that aligns, drives and navigates your business forward to achieve its fullest potential.”
– MakkiMakki