Holistic Branding & Coaching

Because your brand isn’t a thing, it’s an experience.

Beary, Ink. Holistic Branding & Coaching is for socially-responsible experts, entrepreneurs and small businesses who are newly launching their business, re-branding or have a need to solve the all-too-common dilemma of “Where are my clients?”

We help create and breathe new life into their brands with mindfully created content, high-level creative services, comprehensive, expert support and coaching, and on-point messaging that aligns with their values – and – effectively reaches and engages their most ideal audience. We have helped to create new brands, and creatively realign and strengthen existing brands, leading to measurable outcomes and growth of their businesses and goals for nearly a decade.

Clarity Call

Need to get clear on an area of your brand, brand messaging or strategy that isn’t serving you as you planned or expected? Need to rethink your brand or launch a new brand? This minimum one-hour call is for those who are stuck and need insight, guidance and expert answers fast, so that they can walk away with an effective plan to get them from point A to point B.
$ 195

Branding Bible

You need a single source of branding brilliance to help guide your every communication, website content, advertising copy, social media strategies and content development (yes, including video). Your brand is the sum total of all the thoughts, feelings, ideas and experiences of everyone you interact with. That’s why you need a branding bible to be your North Star. With your Branding Bible, you will never be alone or in the dark again, and your entire team will forever be on the same page in everything you communicate, everywhere you communicate.

Branding VIP Day

It’s time to dive deep into the nitty gritty of your brand. You are either having trouble launching a new brand and need expert help and guidance, you are in the thick of a rebrand and need to infuse the process with solid guidance, sound strategy and mindful steps to pull it off with the greatest success, or your existing brand, brand communications and social media strategies are not working well enough. Maybe you hear crickets chirping, and that’s not why you’re in business. Branding VIP Day is a deep dive into your toughest trouble spots so that I can help you weed through the pitfalls, avoid mistakes and save you time and money, so that you walk away with the heavy lifting accomplished and clear, tactical steps forward. You also get a great start to your own Branding Bible.

Brand Transformation

You’ve launched your brand, already rebranded or you know you need more, you need better and you need real momentum occurring from your website content, offers, social media strategy implementation, blogs, ebooks or video. You aren’t sure where to start, you don’t understand why the blood, sweat and tears you have put into your content, social media strategy and offers aren’t working.  You need serious help and true expert assistance to get you on a faster track to doing better business and reaching who you need to reach. The Brand Transformation is a two month long, deep-in-the-trenches partnership during which I troubleshoot your most problematic areas, get to the bottom of what is not working and why, and craft more meaningful content, strategy and tactics that we implement together. I play part expert, part coach, part creative strategist, part writer, editor and part boss to get you where you need to be.  I’ll ensure that your content is maximized, more authentically you and better directed to your most ideal clients and audience more effectively than ever before. You walk away with solid, actionable strategy and tools you can count on, a brand that aligns the best of you and what you do with who you do it for, a Branding Bible (a $1900 value!) that will guide your every communication forvermore and together we will transform how you’re doing business.
$3300.00 – prices may vary 

  • This partnership is the real deal, and we will be doing high level work together. For this reason I only work with two clients at a time, and only with people who are serious about transforming their business with holistic branding and coaching.


“My goal is to clear the clutter that isn’t serving or helping you, craft or re-craft your brand and all of your content and messaging so that it is in total alignment with the very best of you and what you have to offer. To holistically infuse your brand and content with language and energy that invites and ignites your most ideal clients and customers into action, so that the heavy lifting is done and you are well on your way to using your time, money, ideas and services more effectively. I don’t let you walk away without substantive help, guides and a workable strategy to assist you along your way. I’m like a holistic branding triage expert.” – Mary Elizabeth

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Additional Services – Prices Vary

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