The highly intuitive nature of Usui Reiki, intuitive energy work, customized mediation, thoughtfully created programs and Spirit Challenges of Balance Integrated Wellness offerings enable me to deliver meaningful guidance and transformation surrounding nearly limitless aspects of your health and wellness.

What affects us emotionally or mentally, affects us energetically and eventually manifests in the physical form somehow. Our bodies are our soul’s final mouthpiece when we aren’t listening to our ever-present inner guidance. Called Soul Speak. More commonly known as intuition or inner guidance.

I deliver information I receive during and following our sessions together, and I offer you guidance in healing, correcting or dissipating the issue. I also perform more intensive energy work when required, that addresses your physical body where and how needed at that given moment along your path in life and wellness.

I may recommend a customized meditation tool just for you, or I may suggest a Spirit Challenge, also unique to you. I may even refer you to a naturopathic doctor, allopathic medical doctor, allergist, chiropractor, massage therapist or whatever it seems that you may need at the time. I am well-connected in the medical and alternative medical community in the St. Louis-metro area as well as in other pockets of the country.

You can expect important insights giving you an expanded perspective, a new awareness, renewed energy and motivation and always openness and fun. It’s quite a journey of discovery and healing.  I don’t just prescribe a prayer or meditation to fix what we are working on. I bring you and your awareness into the process so that you leave empowered with expanded knowledge and equipped with practical, meaningful tools and information to help you continue what we begin during our time together.

Email me for further inquiry or to schedule a discovery session so that we can learn more about your needs. I look forward to working with you along the next leg of your epic journey.