Health or Dis-ease? Cake or Death? There’s Another Answer

Which do you prefer? Health or dis-ease? Cake or death?

Being human is hard. We are far more vulnerable beings than what we are usually aware of on a day to day basis. Dis-ease or illness can plunge us into the depths of our frailty and vulnerability as a human being, deeper than most any other thing can or does. It wakes us up to the cycles of life and health and demands that we pay attention. It asks us to heal.

When Eddie Izzard performed his famous skit comparing the Spanish Inquisition’s horrendous demands and torture of Europeans in its efforts to force them into its paradigm of Catholicism, by comparing it to the choice of cake or death, he conveyed the idea that if you choose what someone is trying to force you to choose – you get cake. If you don’t – you get death. As a society here in the United States, I think we sometimes feel the same way when we enter the western medicine model of healthcare.

“If you take this medicine, or have this surgery, you’ll be fine. It may damage your kidneys or liver or overtax your heart, but at least you get cake. Not death.” Too many of us accept this ass-backwards paradigm of health and well being because we’ve been conditioned from childhood to believe that in doing so, we get cake. The fact is we don’t always get cake. The problem is that too many of us still are unaware that this model is outdated, largely ineffective outside of acute care and too often puts our health at a future disadvantage in consideration of whole health. Meaning, treatments and surgeries often have a negative, long lasting impact on our health in other areas of our body. Does this sound like cake to you?

No? That’s because it isn’t.

You don’t have to choose an either-or. You can choose allowing. A state of allowing requires faith. And lots of it. Particularly during dis-ease, illness, injury or any state taking us away from peace and well being. But with just a little bit of practice, shifting yourself into a state of allowing becomes easier, and requires less of us to summon that energy within a short time.

“I am allowing healing and greater balance to occur.” < Go ahead, try it.

To this end, we start with the question, “what are the facts?” This reduces the chaos and confusion that comes from anxiety, frustration or stress surrounding a state of unease that appears to leave us with little control over our circumstances. Instead, we focus only on what we know to be true.

In the case of western medicine, we know that it is the primary mechanism of health and healthcare in the United States. It is a monster of an industry and from the time we are born, it imparts expectations of us such as having vaccinations, taking medicine when we are sick, and that we should listen to our doctors who are there to help us get better. It has a remarkable influence on our day to day living and how we believe we should treat and prevent illness and dis-ease.

This reality, however, does not mean that it is the only truth, the only answer or the only tool available to us in our personal healthcare. This reality does not have to be cake like we are taught to believe.

Another reality may be that we indeed, are ill or challenged with dis-ease or an injury of some kind. When we are challenged with issues in our state of health and well-being, let’s look at it simply as our body’s way of alerting us to a state of imbalance. And that’s it. I encourage you to stay away from attachment, a state of it belonging or fear. Instead, consider it a communication delivered to capture our attention so that we can heal the imbalance and return to a greater state of health.

If we look at this situation as a ‘cake or death?’ quandary – limiting our choices, we don’t win. If we choose something more akin to Switzerland, neutral, allowing it to simply *be* what it is, without attachment, judgement, resistance or a need to control, we are in acceptance. Only from a place of acceptance and allowing do we really have control and ease. It may seem incredibly counterintuitive, though in truth it is anything but.

Allowing gives us the opportunity to surrender to the what is, and to be in a place of empowerment enabling us make grounded choices, because now we are going with the grain, as opposed to against it, in resistance to the what is.

I encourage you to come to a place of allowing so that you leave the playing field of resistance (cake or death?), and enter the zone of going with the current of what is. This way, you are not fighting the natural order of balance that is working to right itself. Dis-ease and illness are merely a state of imbalance that has reached your physical body in such a manner that it is better able to make it to your awareness, so that you can help it get back into balance.  Help it, not fight it or cover it.

Dis-ease + awareness + allowing = your heightened ability to encourage and allow healing.

Now you are in a state of allowing your current condition of dis-ease or imbalance. You are in control. There is no cake here, and no death. Your next question is, “how can I better set the conditions of optimal health and healing in the midst of dis-ease?”  Now you are getting somewhere! Unfortunately it is somewhere that most western medical doctors and practitioners simply don’t understand, aren’t taught and don’t practice.

As a dedicated student of and partaker of functional and more holistic medicine and practices, I encourage you to look into more natural ways to allow healing, and to help your body do it’s job as it works to get back into balance and greater well-being, by more fundamentally setting the conditions for healing.

Remember that allowing is always a choice. Cake or death is always an option, too.

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