Do the Thing. Create the Thing. Critics Be Damned.

I see creativity in the seemingly mundane, and the mundane in the seemingly creative. I’m spending a lot of time pondering creativity since I decided to take most of this year to work on creative projects, and I want to share some insights with you on the topic. It just plain ticks me off to entertain even just the idea of dream-killers and the critics who come out to play anytime someone considers stepping outside of the box, in order to follow a dream or an inspiration.

It is hard to do in and of itself, but to be hindered by hordes of folks who, for reasons that typically do not even matter, work to thwart the efforts and ideas of the brave soul who just wanted to do something different, is asinine. We are better than that as a society. Dreams, artistry and creativity must be encouraged. From toddlers to octogenarians and older – we should always be creating and fueling others creations in some way, too.

I believe there is an artist and a creative in every single person. One of the most vulnerable things you or I will ever do is to create something that was once a beautiful, glittery, one-of-a-kind idea or “what if” question born in the dreamiest, most inspired places of your heart and mind – and pull it into being in the 3D world, and call it a thing. Then offer it up and out for others to see and experience, and call it done. Hoping for a greater vision, or a greater something to occur because it now exists for others. Hoping others like it, too. Hoping it heals, lifts, guides, brings joy, makes someone feel something. There are countless reasons.

Those folks must be prepared that as a result of your audacity, boldness, vision, ego, confidence and the journey you will take to manifest your creation into being, others may hate it. They will tell you you can’t, you shouldn’t, your reasons for it suck, it won’t work, it shouldn’t work – and they will have another bazillion reasons why you shouldn’t make the thing.

Here’s the trick. They don’t count. You count. It is your inspiration, your idea and your vision. Not theirs. Dig into the ‘why’ of it’s importance to you, and what your goals are. Maybe you want to create as a hobby. Maybe you want to create to make money, to inspire, to heal. Get grounded in your why, dig your little heels into the dirt, be unmoved by naysayers and get going.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change,” says Brene Brown, and I couldn’t agree more.

Creation is messy. Look at the state of our very planet and existence. It’s messy. It is vulnerable and scary. Hold tight. Make it anyway. Create it anyway. Serve the world in some tiny way or massive way anyway. God did it, why shouldn’t you? I do not believe that the human race was sent here to sit around and twiddle our thumbs. We were meant to create. If you are called to do it, do the thing. Create the thing. If one person loves or is moved by it, even if in an unhappy or unwelcome way, you made something. You listened. And you believed. That is worth it.

I applaud the creatives of the world, and you should too. Are you a dream killer, or an dream grower? How are you manifesting your own inspirations into the world?

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