Why I Love Cleaning Toilets

The truth is I generally don’t love cleaning. I love the result. I don’t love the redundancy of it. At all. The mere thought of putting hours of time and energy into a practice that will only have to be completed all over again just days or weeks later is just plain frustrating and demotivating to me. It’s a total drag. It takes the joy out of that fleeting result of shiny and clean.

But toilets. Toilets I love to clean. Arguably the most taboo, icky and gross item of all domestic duties to clean, I still love cleaning them. Want to know why?

Because all I have to do is open the lid and seat, squirt toilet bowl cleaner inside the rim and WALK AWAY. You understood me correctly. I walk away and I am happy about it. I am so flipping happy about it. It is freedom! Because while I am off doing other things, that chemical-laden gook I just squirted in the bowl is hard at work disinfecting things we don’t want to think about. It is doing the work for me. How does it get any better than this, I ask you?

I can return anytime I want to finish the job. Five minutes or five hours later with toilet brush in hand, all I have to do is flush the toilet and while the fresh water is pouring in I work the brush around the bowl until it is sparkling clean. It takes about two minutes. Two minutes and I am done. My toilet bowl is fresh, glimmery, shimmery clean. The job is over. I savor the sense of sweet, sweet victory.

That is satisfaction. Serious satisfaction. Easy satisfaction. That’s why I love it.

The other reason I love to clean toilet bowls is because the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment is FAST. Do you know how valuable that sense of accomplishment is to a procrastinator? It’s huge. It’s money. It’s everything. And more importantly, it is enough to give me motivation to go on. To keep at those domestic tasks I hate doing with a feeling that I can do it. That the end is in sight. That my life is not over because the cleaning will get done. And it will be shiny and glorious.

What does this mean to you? (You were wondering, right?)

  • Sometimes you need to start with that one thing that will give you a quick, easy ‘one and done’ feeling. Having a quick sense of accomplishment and knowing a task is completed and over, when you’re faced with things you just don’t want to do is a seriously powerful strategy to stay motivated.
  • Completing that task or handful of tasks that you don’t like, yet you know are accomplished relatively quickly, sets your pace and mentality in the zone of ‘getting things done.’ That’s the headspace you want to be in to begin the momentum you need to begin tackling the rest of those pesky to-do’s.
  • Sometimes we’re lazy, tired or just plain not motivated and the only way to shift that energy is to get something done. Just one thing can do the trick. So do the one thing so that the other things come easier.

Tell me about your own toilet bowl experiences. What are the things you love to do because you know you can get them done really well and really fast, and that accomplishment keeps you motivated to complete your list of to-do’s?

Are you procrastinating doing something you actually love? You could have a block. Schedule a complimentary consult with me and let’s see how I might be able to help you.

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