What is Holistic Branding?

Since Balance Integrated Wellness is a friendly, welcoming brand (after all, it is sister to Beary, Ink. ;  ), we’re hosting a more business-oriented blog connected to Beary, Ink. today to answer some questions about what holistic branding really is, and why it’s even important.

Holistic branding is about substance, getting real and bringing all that is most authentically you – into your brand. It is developed by considering you, your business and your expertise as a whole, its place in the broader community and in the lives of who you are serving and why. Multiple aspects of who you are, what you do, why you do it, how and for whom are mindfully brought into the light of day because that is the substance of who you are, and it is integral to your brand.

Holistic medicine involves working with the ‘whole’ body and not just it’s parts or symptoms. It involves a wholism approach to experiencing, studying and healing the body. I bring this process into branding and coaching with my clients because without it, we don’t wind up with a whole, substantive picture, experience or portrayal. Bringing the energy of your greatest talents, passions, purpose for being and expertise is paramount to infuse within your brand experience. Your brand, after all is the part of your business that literally interacts and engages with your tribe. A holistic brand is the most rich, compelling and meaningful manner of bringing more purposeful energy into your business. It’s important because it more consistently and meaningfully engages your ideal clients.

In my 9+ years of specializing in public relations, media relations, brand strategy and copywriting via Beary, Ink., I soon discovered incongruence, confusion and missing elements within the content, offers and messaging of my clients. From websites to social media posts, blogs and marketing materials, this was an all-too-common occurrence with the small businesses, solopreneurs and experts I worked with. It made it hard, sometimes even impossible, for me to position them at their best in our publicity efforts. As a result, I expanded my services to uplevel their brand and business by reworking or recreating their content, sometimes their website structure, crafting and implementing more meaningful, practical strategies and by pulling in aspects of their unique stories, characteristics or other golden nuggets I uncovered throughout the process.

Because this order-of-business became the norm for me more than 90% of the time, I quickly realized that alignment, consistent voice, tone and content style, depth, quality of content and brand messaging became the end resultof my efforts. I came to understand my process as a much deeper, focused, more holistic manner of creating, upleveling or rebranding a brand in order to manifest a true brand experience. I found that in creating a rich, well crafted brand experience we didn’t just ‘talk’ to people, we inspired people to have interest enough to engage with and begin a relationship with my clients and their business. As opposed to cramming together the latest catch phrases, buzzwords and razzle-dazzle content in the hopes it actually interests someone, or provides value. It doesn’t.

It is essential to breathe more life and a sense of tangible energy into your brand. Think of your brand as a living, breathing, engaging, purposeful extension of you and your business. Because that’s what it is. In an increasingly technological and device-driven world, we’re literally saturated with messaging and content 24/7/365. Do you think another watered down, ineffective post that does nothing to connect with your tribe is going to win you business or interest? It won’t, I assure you.

When you think of your brand, start thinking from a more holistic point of view. This process of discovery leads to important and sometimes surprising characteristics and data to help you really shift and boost your brand, along with your content and messaging. You’re in business to serve, but you won’t get far without a worthwhile brand and message.

I invite you to chat with me if you’d like to know more. Cheers to you and your success!

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