The Symbolism Skinny on Monday’s Solar Eclipse

Wow! So, the solar eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017 was huge, historical and rich with energy for the world, though particularly for Americans. And for many, many reasons. For some midwesterners, including myself, it’s an event we haven’t seen in over 400 years. The moon completely covered the sun as it aligned itself perfectly between the earth and the sun. It was visible as a partial eclipse from all 50 states in the U.S., and as a total eclipse from a 70-mile-wide span across 14 states from Salem, Oregon, across the midwest and over to Charleston, South Carolina. And, it’s being billed as the most watched eclipse in history. This is such a big deal, right?

There are three key players in an eclipse; the sun, moon and earth.

The observers of this celestial soiree stood under the umbral shadow of the moon, while witnessing the sun’s outer atmosphere as it glowed out from under the moon’s shadow. Here on earth, millions of people (about 4.4 million) watched and upwards of 7 million traveled to see it.

The sheer number of people who viewed the eclipse, begs us to pay attention to what everyone was paying attention to and why. So, let’s take a closer look at how this eclipse inspired millions to take part in the less-than-two-minute-long moments of totality, and how it affected them. Aside from the obvious scientific, meteorological and educational interests, there are some very interesting energetic, symbolic and subconscious patterns and themes I see.

In the midst of recent threats of attack from North Korea, terrorist events abroad and racial unrest involving a symbolic divide between black people and white people (white supremacists and the like) in Virginia, this eclipse, well, eclipsed it all. And to be sure, seemed to both mirror the dark vs. light aspects of those intense events, and to give us all a visible lesson in the historic celestial alignment.

The players have their own characteristics to consider;

  • The Moon – represents shadows, the subconscious, feminine, intuitive and creative energy. Dreams, a light in the dark, the rhythm of time and enlightenment.
  • The Sun – represents light, life, the external (think your sun sign), masculinity, strength, goals and solo acts, governor of the seasons.
  • The Earth – Is a nurturing Mother, creator, sustainer, symbolized growth, steady movement, grounding, manifestation of matter, also represents the feminine, however holds many masculine characteristics as well.

We have two distinctly opposing energies in the sun and the moon, and what seems to be a neutralizer in the earth, which carries both feminine and masculine traits. The sun, which is the lead player of our days, and the moon who sheds light during the dark of night, seemed to find a happy union during the moment of totality, yes? Much like the effect it had on us millions waiting eagerly in anticipation for the moment of totality. For those moments, millions of us were unified in something that every single one of us could celebrate, enjoy and have no debates, hostility or agenda about. We were in harmony, witnessing the harmony happening in the skies. We were in perfect flow with the universe – and we chose to be. Proving that we do have a choice, and that harmony is possible. Here in America, we are yet again in the throes of a racial divide, political divide and even a social divide. The phenomena of unity and harmony on Monday organically occurred because of the solar eclipse. That’s quite a lesson, and the timing was superbly apropos.

There are no accidents.

During the moments leading up to totality, it seemed the sun was insistent on breaking free of being totally covered, as if the light just had to win out. Even during totality, we still see it’s glow from around the dark circle of the moon’s shadow covering it. This is a heavy symbolic message that there will always be light, that light always wins, and that there is always a ‘silver lining‘ even in our darkest hours.

Because the shadow comes and then goes during the eclipse, this too is a mighty lesson that tells us, ‘this too shall pass.’ It says that dark moments, rocky days and challenges – will pass. As my spiritual mentor and friend, founder of White Light Express, Sarah Nash says, “You don’t get to stay in the center of the labyrinth.” Meaning, the path of our lives will have happiness and hardship, and that when we reach that goal, that bliss, that happy moment, we don’t get to stay there because life is a journey and cannot, will not, stay fixed at any one point. It beckons us to savor the happiest moments, and to have faith that ‘this too shall pass’ during rockier times.

Rife with shadow and light symbology, the visual phenomena of the moon’s shadow covering the sun, inspires us to ask ourselves – what are we hiding? Are we embracing and owning and acknowledging our shadows – bringing them out into the light of day, or are we hiding it under a contrived veil of ‘light?’ Our shadows are our subconscious, our less than pleasant attributes, our emotional achilles heels, and our hang ups that we may be conscious of or not. Maybe it’s time to take a look at them, embrace them, give ourselves compassion for our humanness, and to own our shit. Most of us don’t. Most of us really, really, really need to. I encourage you to dig deep and help heal those shadows.

The solar eclipse also symbolizes who may be dulling our shine, or how we are dulling our shine. Are we hiding behind the shadows in fear of our own authenticity? Are we allowing someone else to do this? Are we casting shadows on someone else’s light? Is there something we haven’t yet discovered clouding our judgement? Are we refusing to be enlightened about our own shadows, or someone else’s light? The questions arising from the symbology here are nearly endless! I encourage you to ask yourself these questions and keep note of your answers. You may be surprised where this leads you.

One of the most important lessons for us all is to remember there is always light. At the end of the tunnel, as a silver lining and after the darkness or shadows pass. This reminds us how important it is to have faith, to embrace the shadows and take the time to know them, knowing there will always be light.




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