Say Thank You. Not, I’m Sorry. Here’s Why.

Practicing gratitude takes a conscious effort, though in time, it becomes a natural way of being and interacting in the world.

Why is it important? You might ask. What’s in it for me? You may wonder.

It’s important because it shifts our overanalytical, critical minds to that of grateful, happy, positive thoughts throughout the day, instead of self-critical, anxious, negative thoughts. All of which mightily influence our choices and reactions, therefore shaping our very lives!

Which stream of thought and practice would you rather have shaping your life? Boom. Yes.

As a society, and particularly for women, we are taught to lay on the apologies for every last thing. You sneeze, apologize. You’re late, overdo that apology you’ve rehearsed over the last 20 minutes. Get the idea?

Being late, sneezing, missing a party are all common, even expected parts of life. Why do we keep apologizing? It’s really good to own our actions and be accountable for things, however that doesn’t exempt how we choose to position that accountability. Aha! Yes. We get to choose that.

Choose, ‘Thank you’ for your flexibility,’ when late. Choose, ‘thank you for the invitation though I couldn’t make your party,’  and still own the situation – without condemning yourself with an apology.

This highly conscious choice sounds simple but may very well be uncomfortable when you begin to practice it. I assure you, it will change the dynamics of the event, the people involved and most importantly it will shift your inner energy and your thoughts in a way that bring you more positive, respectful, honoring situations and people than you could ever expect.

Lets try swapping, “Thank you” instead of “I’m Sorry.” See what happens.

Cheers to a new, happier you,

Mary Elizabeth

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