What is the Greatest, Hardest Part of the Spiritual Path?

Two days ago I landed at my spiritual mentor and close friend’s casa of bright light, bold vibrations and mega magic in Port Townsend, WA.

Sarah and her husband, Peter, created an epic, beautiful labyrinth in their yard overlooking Discovery Bay and I usually walk it daily when I visit. When I arrived and did my labyrinth walk I asked, “What would you have me know for my highest good right now?”

The answers almost didn’t come. Then suddenly they came so fast and clear I was afraid I wouldn’t remember. But I did.

LOVE. It’s the greatest, hardest and most significant part of walking the spiritual path. The most challenging leg along the journey for the spiritual warrior and traveler.


Because as human beings the most sacred part of us, the heart of our soul that is love, yearns to be open, giving and receiving love at all times. But it hurts us when we do this. Ahhh, the Achilles heel of our human form.


Staying open to give and receive love freely, without limits, conditions or directions –  while staying safe and protected. In other words, ultimate balance of being.

“BOUNDARIES are one way of protecting, yes. Conveying them clearly is not a must, you are wrong. They are sometimes better expressed by your being. Your acts and reactions.”

I was wrong? Yes, I was.

“The SOUL can never be harmed or changed, however it’s essence, your unique spirit, can be shaped and changed. You must learn to intend, renew and revitalize it to strengthen it again after every hurt, every blow, every injury.

“This way, once strengthened, you will again feel safe in giving and receiving love. And you will have learned the key to remaining open to giving and receiving love while staying protected.”

BALANCE. It’s the hardest part of the spiritual, earthly journey we are all on.

And, it’s why Balance Integrated Wellness is my mission and purpose.

Happy blessings to you and here’s to more balance in your world,

Mary Elizabeth

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