Learning Compassion & Balance within Techie Hell Moments

This should be an interesting insight for my very first written blog post, written on the very first day my new website – and business – Balance Integrated Wellness is live, bursting through the ethers along a trail of rainbow glittery starbursts, sunbursts and accompanied by mystical unicorns, too.

I have spent a little over two hours on the phone to tech folks from hostgator and wordpress. My site was already done. All content was there, all edits were made. Everything I needed to be live with it was completed.

Yet It couldn’t be found outside of the back end, management dashboard. That only emoi can access. Hmmmmm? I wondered. Why? I wondered.

Then the first call to hostgator happened. Followed by another call. Then three more to WordPress. Directly I thought. Until I realized there was a communication issue happening with myself and the WordPress techie. It was first, however, a culture gap. The culture gap is what led to the communication issue. Because I couldn’t always understand him. He thought he could understand me. Until our final call, during which he said literally, ‘Forget everything I told you, Ma’am, the situation is different than what we expected. Your site will be live in 2-3 hours. I will call you myself to let you know. I am sorry for the lengthy issue.’

He isn’t more sorry than me. I was ready to go several hours prior. Everything was paid for. Hosting was in place. Subscriptions were paid. Everything was paid. Completed. Done. So why couldn’t I yet see my own website?

If it’s possible to energetically end the life of someone on the other end of the phone line, out in the cel phone, interdimensions of technology and internet stuff (wait, is that #TheCloud I hear so much about?) – he would have been a goner long before.

When I realized I wanted to scratch my own eyeballs out from all of the insane types of discussions, repeated information, inability to understand a foreigner’s accent at all times – I prayed about it on the inside. I breathed. I asked my spiritual posse in the Heavens to help a sister out or I may be sent to spiritual JAIL for the thoughts and energy I was having due to this clusterphuck of technology and foreigner-techie madness. I asked to carry that #$%@$#%@ away and transform it to it’s highest power for my highest good. Because my highest good equates to his highest good too. Which, probably saved his life.

Energetically speaking, that is.

This, my friends, I want you to get. How our day-to-day clusterphucks of hellish moments can warp our energetic states within minutes. Or hours. Just because of what is simply everyday life. Albeit, a very challenging everyday life moment.

In this moment of epic techie hell, or insert your own version of hell moments, we have a choice. We can stay in that energy threatening the energetic life of a perfect stranger just trying to do his job, or we can catch ourselves in it, consciously choose to stop feeding it, and clear and ground transformative energies into the situation and into our own selves to shift it all completely. Like I did.

Am I spiritually perfect? No. Neither are you. I am a work in progress. Am I still stuck in this human body like the rest of you, regardless? Yes. Imperfection still hangs out with me, and no matter how far I may go in my own spirituality, to be human is to be imperfect. Let’s get clear on that. I still know I can – and do – consciously choose a better way. In a hellish, foreigner-I-cant-understand, techie moment. To save a life. His and mine.

And hey, the website is live. Or you wouldn’t even be reading this. Right? Yes, Indeed. Yes.

Cheerio and sending lots of love,

Mary Elizabeth




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