Welcome to Balance Integrated Wellness. Combining Usui Reiki, integrative energy work, customized meditation, spirit challenges and signature programs to heal, empower and enlighten you.

My intention for you is that here you will find inspiration, guidance and soul speak in my blogs, video blogs, random quips and flashes of insight to help you find greater balance, wellness and expansion of your heart, mind, soul and consciousness.

Sending love,
Mary Elizabeth

PS – please forgive my; 1) less than great quality video blogs. BIW is a baby and still growing, 2) Rebrand and overhaul of Beary, Ink. who’s information is being housed here while business plans are being finessed, logos facelifted and new website(s) are created, 3) My occasional absence in blogging, social media-ing and the like while I do what all entrepreneurs must do – transform and change.